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  • Black Four Sided Box Grater
    $ 42.99

    Four Sided Box Grater, Black

    The Microplane® 4-Sided Box Grater features the new Ultra Coarse blade and two of the most popular, Microplane® grating blades: Fine/Zester and Medium Ribbon—along with an additional fourth Slice

  • Black Gourmet Fine Grater
    $ 18.99

    Black Gourmet Fine Grater

    The Microplane Goumet Fine Grater is ideal for grating all types of citrus peel without lifting off the fruit’s bitter-tasting pith.

  • Black Ultra Coarse Grater
    $ 19.49

    Black Ultra Coarse Grater

    The Microplane Ultra Coarse Grater is excellent for cabbage, carrots, potatoes, soft cheeses, apples and other foods that require a larger grating surface.

  • Black Zester/Grater
    $ 15.99

    Black Zester/Grater

    The Microplane Zester/Grater, originally a woodworking tool, perfectly zests citrus and grates hard cheese and ginger.

  • 3-in-1 Cube Grater- Black
    $ 15.99

    3-in-1 Cube Grater- Black

    Microplane has introduced a brand new kitchen tool to its Speciality series, the Cube Grater conveniently has three blade styles: fine, ribbon and coarse.

  • Black Elite Coarse Grater
    $ 17.99

    Black Elite Coarse Grater

    The new Microplane Elite Coarse Grater easily grates hard and medium-firm cheeses, such as Parmesan, Romano and cheddar, as well as a wide range of fruits and vegetables, from pears, apples and c

  • Black Elite Fine Grater
    $ 17.99

    Black Elite Fine Grater

    The new Microplane Elite Fine Grater is the optimum choice for creating flavourful citrus zest without any of bitter white pith just under the fruit’s peel.

  • Black Elite Ribbon Grater
    $ 19.99

    Black Elite Ribbon Grater

    The new Microplane Elite Ribbon Grater creates elegant, thin strips that add interesting texture to garnishes, salads, and other dishes.

  • Black Gourmet Coarse Grater
    $ 18.99

    Black Gourmet Coarse Grater

    The Microplane Coarse Grater makes small flecks, ideal for salads. It is ideal for grating chocolate, hard cheese, coconut, ginger and garlic.

  • Black Gourmet Extra Coarse Grater
    $ 18.99

    Black Gourmet Extra Coarse Grater

    The Microplane Gourmet Extra Coarse Grater excels in grating cheddar and other softer cheeses, as well as wide range of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, zucchini, onions, cabbage and potato

  • Black Gourmet Large Shaver
    $ 19.49

    Black Gourmet Large Shaver

    The Microplane Gourmet Large Shaver delivers fast shavings of chocolate for baking recipes and garnishes, and quickly grates a wide range of hard and soft foods including hard cheeses, cucumber,